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Find out what frequency you are sending out and how close you are to attracting your Soulmate!

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Dating Profile – Writing Upgrade!

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Hi... I’m Jaki Sabourin!

I believe that every single one of us deserves to find a fulfilling, deep soul love. You are ready to fall in love. And I can help you do it.

Love is a choice. You dont find the perfect relationship, you create it!

If you landed here, the universe has sent you a sign.

Your heart is opening. It's time to leave the single life behind and attract your ideal man.

It's my mission to help you do that.

Learn how to attract a man who lights you up, loves you deeply, and cherishes you forever.

Jaki Sabourin has helped hundreds of women find their soul mates, get engaged and married over the last two years.

And two become one...
The Bride - Table 1

This is not your average “love coaching” site. This is a healing and self-love modality 25 years in the making.

Jaki’s unique blend of self-empowerment and practical instruction is the key that unlocks your power of attraction so that you can get the best results in the shortest amount of time.


"Jaki has projected me forward at a much faster rate than I could have ever done on my own. The work I have been doing with Jaki has gone much deeper and really helped me move forward quickly....... I got engaged in February 2018 and married in September 2018!"

~ Vicki Zakin

On-going support in Jaki's program made all the difference in the world to me.  John proposed after 5 months of dating! I couldn't be happier!

~ LeChau

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Take the assessment and discover the frequency you are vibrating at and how close you are to attracting your Soulmate!

You will receive a Feminine Exercise along with your Frequency Assessment to help you shift further into alignment so that you can Fast Track your ability to manifest your Soulmate love!

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