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Date During a Pandemic
Wow – what a difference a couple of weeks can make. We are certainly living in the middle of a historic event, one that has seen even our daily routines turned upside down. But remember, we are all in this together and I know we will make it through. I
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I know you’ve seen plenty of articles about what to watch out for when you’re dating – actions and emotions that come up as red flag warnings to alert you that maybe this ISN’T your dream man. That’s all well and good, but why invest more time in a bad
Sometimes in the course of a relationship there comes what I call the point of no return. Maybe it's yet another canceled date. Maybe he listened with half an ear yet again after he asked you about your day. Maybe he didn't ask about your day at ALL! Whatever "it"
Is He Bread-crumbing You?   Ladies, there is yet another new dating buzz word that I need you to be aware of. It’s called bread-crumbing, and in my opinion, it’s even worse than ghosting! Why? Because as painful and irritating it is to be ghosted, at least you know it’s time
With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I’ve been hearing from many ladies in my group that they’re unsure of how to navigate the day. Maybe you’re wondering the same! You know how you’d like to celebrate, and may even have some bling in mind for your guy to give you as
Stop Selling Your Self Short
Something has been puzzling me. Why do I know so many women who won’t settle for less than the best in everything they do – caring for their family, their career, how they present themselves to the world – yet will continue to make excuses for the men they date