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Me and Michael at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club Here’s the thing about men- we often make them more complicated than they are! I’m not saying that men don’t have any depth, but their needs and wants are usually pretty simple! And sometimes, we try to guess what
How you do one thing is how you do all things!  Spring being in the air never fails to give me a sense of hope and renewal! To that end, I decided recently to undergo a 21-day cleanse to give my body a reset. Little did I know it would
I was reminded recently of something that none of us likes to think about but is also inevitable. Time is flying by! Time is the only resource that cannot be renewed, and the one flaw that all humans share is that we all assume we will have enough of it.
Recently I talked about how many women struggle to get over their exes. It doesn’t matter how dysfunctional a relationship is, a breakup can destabilize even the strongest women because it triggers our smaller, scared selves. “What if he was the best I’ll ever get?” “What if I am alone
Today I'm celebrating my 58th birthday! It is my 9th birthday with Michael, and I am so grateful for the life we get to live together.Time is flying!Time is the only resource that cannot be renewed, and the one flaw that all humans share is that we all assume we
I was married to my first husband for years. I’ll spare you the painful details, but there were a few incidents that made it crystal clear that our union needed to end. I was heartbroken. My self-worth was damaged. And yet…I went back. Again and again. No matter how many
We need to talk… For the last couple of years, the global conversation has been centered on the COVID pandemic. But there is another pandemic that affects primarily women our age, and we need to talk about it. It’s AVOIDANCE. Here’s what I’m talking about. Most of us did not
New Free masterclass, and you can watch for free! The Frequency of Desire! -How to EVOLVE your desire list to attract a man who's worthy of the woman you are TODAY! This is so important. I pay attention to the conversations women have, and so often, I want to jump