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One of the most liberating things you can do for yourself is holding boundaries. Liberating meaning, you break free of the need to "people please," and with that comes enormous freedom! The other side of the coin is you have to be prepared not to be liked or disapproved by
Trust is one of the most crucial building blocks of becoming emotionally intimate with someone; it's absolutely fundamental for a healthy, close relationship. And yet it is far easier, and takes a lot less time, to lose trust than to build it back up. Let's talk about it in our
In today's video, I go over my favorite dos and don'ts!   Hope this helped! Love you! PS: I’m on a mission to coach as many women as possible into a meaningful relationship. That’s why I’ve opened my Inner Circle to help you navigate the journey from dating to SOULMATE
If you're a woman dating over 50 and looking for love, I have some tips for you! It doesn't matter if you're 50, 59, gray, blonde, short, tall, divorced, or never been married, there is somebody out there for everyone. The right man is out there looking for you! So
I had a conversation with my client and colleague, Dr. Angela Zechmann, a physician and a weight loss coach, and we decided we need to share it with you! We talked about the shame and blame that comes from feeling like you can't keep the weight off during our conversation. This affects
Personal Power
Your personal power is your ability to influence people and events with or without formal authority or external credibility. Personal power is more about your internal attitude or state of mind rather than an attempt to maneuver or control others, especially men and relationships. My primary focus is teaching you to embody
Yes, You Can Still Find JOY!  “Your challenges don’t need to paralyze you, let them be the catalyst to discover who you really are.”  - Jaki Sabourin  Right now, the world isn’t a very happy place. There is stress and strife no matter where you look, and with our 24-hour
I wanted to pop in your inbox today and give you a little boost. In case you forgot, you are amazing! And as soon as you start showing up as the best version of yourself, men won’t be able to resist.   So how do you do that? By living