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I made a new video for you about my top 5 mistakes women make when dating. I do think you are doing your best I just want to help you avoid making these mistakes because I care about you and your success on and offline. Go here to watch my
How you do one thing is how you do all things!  Spring being in the air never fails to give me a sense of hope and renewal! To that end, I decided recently to undergo a 21-day cleanse to give my body a reset. Little did I know it would
Today is my 57th birthday, and I’m on a plane heading to Maui, Hawaii. It’s been two years since I’ve been there, and I’m excited beyond words.  I made a video for you before I left about How to be classy on dates. Click on the video to watch. Get Your
Online dating is the best way to meet men, and it’s only getting better. Since covid, there’s been a 78% increase in memberships on online dating platforms. Online dating is different than dating in real, and the key to be successful online is to hone in on the good guys
“Oh, I am so busy!” We all say it, and often even mean it…but being super busy isn’t necessarily healthy!  That’s because when we are “busy” – with work or hobbies or whatever is taking up the bulk of our time – it allows us to avoid things that we
One of the problems I see happening with dating is women over complicate things way too much! Men are pretty simple in my experience and I’ve found 5 consistent things men want in a woman when dating over 50. Click below to watch the video:   You can take The
Jaki Playing Chess
One of the many things I’ve learned in my career over the years is that playfulness is a feminine quality that men love. They appreciate a woman who can be carefree and spontaneous, ready to take on a fun new adventure! I know my husband Michael loves that side of
Years ago, when I was newly divorced, I spent many nights sitting alone on my couch feeling despondent and sure that I would never find love again. In fact, there were many times I didn’t even think I WANTED to find love again! I had been so let down and