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In today's video, I suggest monitoring your tone of voice, choose your words carefully, use "I" language.  Another important factor is timing! Timing is everything when you ask for what you want.   Click here to watch the video:   Go here to join my Free Ladies Club Facebook group and you’ll
Are you feeling discouraged and overwhelmed? There was a moment earlier this week that I was feeling that too, and I had to take STOP and take a spiritual time out. In this video, I give you a few tips on how to stay more present and avoid the "rabbit hole" thinking
I work with a lot of women who are looking at a new beginning, many because they are divorced.  Starting over after a divorce can be hard emotionally, plus getting back into dating isn’t always a task we want to tackle. Your heart might still be pretty raw!  On top
Do you ever feel like you need to put “Serious relationship inquiries only” on your online dating profile? Does it seem like most of the guys out there are just looking for a hookup?  If that resonated with you, I’m sure you are feeling the frustration. You meet someone with
Relationships are built on mutual trust, so it doesn’t make sense to start out with a lie, right? But it happens all the time. People post an old picture of themselves twenty pounds lighter on a dating site. Or they are “exclusively” dating two or more people!  I know that you don’t
In today’s video I shared several steps you need to take to become the best version of yourself, the version that will be most appealing to men.   Heal. Become more intimate with yourself.   Take care of your body, mind, spirit. Look at who you surround yourself with. Forgive. These are just
Can you believe this year is almost behind us? I admit, at times it has felt more like a decade, than a year! But we all have persevered, and there are still good times ahead. One thing 2020 has taught us is that our lives are unpredictable. One thing you
The holidays might look different, but the desire to share them is the same! Pandemic or no pandemic, the holidays are coming! And even though the celebratory social whirl that comes along with that might not be the same this year, the messages we receive are the same – among