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Every once in a while, the nation is swept with a buzz word that gets everyone inspired! It happened a few years ago with the law of attraction, and now, the law of manifestation is having a moment. Essentially, the Law of Manifestation is Be-Do-Have. This means that you will attract
Last week I met with some girlfriends for dinner and the subject of dating came up. We started talking about how dating USED to go: You meet someone you like. You smile at them for a few weeks, shyly look away. Eventually they would work up the nerve to speak.
This week I took a breather from my to-do list waiting for me back in California, I’ve been reading The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer, and WOW has it resonated with me! The main theme that has stood out is the importance of letting go. This has been one
I’m not good enough. It never works out. So why waste the time? I have terrible judgment. I always pick the wrong man. I don’t even know how to act when I am attracted to a man. It’s been so long! I don’t want to get in yet another relationship
When it comes to relationships with men, you may be experiencing one of two problems. Either you want to be in your feminine energy but you don’t know how to invite a man into that, or you’re not attracting men because you don’t invite yourself to be in the feminine!
I think it’s time we all redefine what it is to be a modern woman! We’ve been bombarded with information about how to “get ahead” and “have it all”, and far too often those messages come with an underlying message…that we need to use more masculine-based energy to obtain what
Nobody said growth was an easy process. Often times, when we start to grow, we start to feel resistance. When we’re children, resistance is a very tangible and physical thing. Do you remember what it felt like to have “growing pains” in your bones? When we grow emotionally and spiritually,
I want to take a second to talk about commitment. And no, believe it or not, I’m not talking about commitment in relationships. While a commitment to someone else is important, it’s something we first have to master within ourselves. I’ll give you an example: I know I personally can’t