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Personal Power
Your personal power is your ability to influence people and events with or without formal authority or external credibility. Personal power is more about your internal attitude or state of mind rather than an attempt to maneuver or control others, especially men and relationships. My primary focus is teaching you to embody
Yes, You Can Still Find JOY!  “Your challenges don’t need to paralyze you, let them be the catalyst to discover who you really are.”  - Jaki Sabourin  Right now, the world isn’t a very happy place. There is stress and strife no matter where you look, and with our 24-hour
I wanted to pop in your inbox today and give you a little boost. In case you forgot, you are amazing! And as soon as you start showing up as the best version of yourself, men won’t be able to resist.   So how do you do that? By living
The Wrap   You’ve seen her. She’s walking down the street by herself. A swing in her step. A radiant smile on her face. Not a care in the world. Everyone notices her because in a sea of people rushing to work while looking at their phones, this woman is
The Big Reveal There’s one thing that none of us ever seem to have enough of. And it’s the one thing we wish we had an endless supply of Time. Time flies! No relationship is a waste of time (they all teach us something) but it can certainly save us
The Velvet Rope Love is a funny thing. It quickens the heart and makes our palms sweat. Love can turn even the most confident, self-assured people, into puddles of nervous mush! Love asks us to be vulnerable and open and yet it offers no guarantees! Love asks us to bare
Ladies Night Out Who doesn’t love a good Ladies’ Night out! Remember when we were younger? We would get so excited about our nights out. I remember putting on music and spending hours getting ready, anticipating what the night might hold or who I might meet! Here’s the truth: You
  You may not realize this, but there's been a seventy-eight percent increase in online dating sites and apps membership since covid happened last year.  So now more than ever, this is such a great time to be online dating. So I want to give you some tips, especially for