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Do you want to know my secret to attraction? Wouldn’t it feel great to have a man be so interested and attracted to you? Attraction has the power to draw a man to you. It’s not your looks. It’s not what you do. It’s not how interesting and intelligent you
Are you responding to men or reacting to them? Can you say that a man feels a deep sense of trust in your ability to handle him? Can you say that you invite trust and dependability on an emotional level?  If you answered no then read on… Emotional connection is
When you feel good you look fabulous! Don’t you agree? When you feel good you look good! I spent the weekend with a few girlfriends and we had such a great time. There was one thing that came up during our time together and I wanted to dive deeper into
One of my clients went on a dating binge after she found out her ex recently got married. She was so triggered that she reverted back to some of her old behaviors, which was to fill her “alone” time with as much distraction as possible so she didn’t have to
Not long ago I married my Mr. Right! We are madly in love and living in La Jolla, California. My husband treats me like a queen. When he goes to the grocery store he always comes back and presents me with bushels of flowers. He’s always thinking of ways to
You may be surprised to hear that if you want to attract a man and keep him interested over time, being unique and unpredictable is the secret. Are you lacking fun and sparkle? Are you stuck in a relationship that’s not passionate anymore? Are you having the same experience dating

December 15, 2014

Are you the Energizer Bunny?

I’m curious. How might your life be different if you had a strong feminine role model growing up? If there had been other women who had nurtured you and modeled for you what it is to be in your feminine energy, do you think your relationships might have been a
This story really affected me so I have to share it with you. A friend shared a story about a 4 year old girl who had cancer and was going to her chemo treatments and her Mother said "I'm sorry you have to go get your chemo today" and the