You want to attract him but you’re pushing him away.

You THINK it went great but he doesn’t call back.

Is he a player or are you missing important signals?

Does it EVER get easy to find the man you’re meant to be with?

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Join #1 Dating Coach Jaki Sabourin and John Gray, Best-selling author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus for an exclusive 2-part training series on EXACTLY how to talk, how to listen and how to read between the lines to get your man!

Here’s what John will be covering:

  • What makes you most attractive to men (and what repels them completely!)
  • Why taking the right and wrong out of conversations will increase intimacy and fast-track love!
  • How to lead him without changing him
  • The #1 power of attraction (This is a game-changer!)
  • How to read between the lines and really understand what he’s saying!
  • And so much more!

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“Jaki you are a perfect embodiment of masculine and feminine energy. What women need today are role models of women being this and doing this at the same time. I just want to acknowledge you and say that you are one of the few women that I have ever met that express that beautiful blend.” 

Dr. John Gray, Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus Author


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