Discover how to attract and grow a loving and committed relationship that lasts!


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  • Are you ready to find the man you want and nurture a committed relationship with him?
  • Are you tired of the endless cycle of dating? Worried that you’ll be alone forever?
  • Are your past relationships making you fear the worst?
  • Are you afraid to trust yourself to even find the right man and find yourself pushing away the good ones?

This is not a numbers game. You’ll never find “the one” by going on a million dates. You don’t need to look for a needle in a haystack. You really need to look within!

That’s where you’ll learn why the dates you’ve been on aren’t working out.

The truth is, sister, that you’ve been sabotaging your own love life, and you need to transform so you can become a match to your “one” by using the law of attraction to bring the committed relationship of your dreams to you.

You need to stop looking for the “perfect man” and actually create the ultimate committed relationship that is perfect for you! You need fun and excitement mixed with a lot of deep work to get where you want to be: in a healthy, committed relationship.


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I’ve made finding the right man and building a long-lasting, committed relationship easy for you. Everything you need to welcome love into your life and keep it is here!

the Ultimate Dating and Love Mastery Course

If you feel like you’ve been stuck on the couch for too long, blaming yourself, believing that “all the good ones are taken,” and giving up hope because you think you’re ship has sailed, then let me tell you: I have been there before. It isn’t pretty, but sometimes you have to realize you’ve hit rock bottom on relationships to be able to get to the top!

I’m Jaki Sabourin, and I have spent years working with intelligent, beautiful, successful women just like you who, for one reason or another, were afraid they would choose the wrong man, be hurt or abandoned, and spent years trying to find the right man and a committed relationship.

But BEFORE that, I was ONE of them. I attracted emotionally unavailable men, men who wouldn’t commit, and men who were unfaithful.  I blamed myself for these experiences and felt the guilt and shame from a divorce.

For years following after my divorce, I hid from the world. I thought that, as far as love went, I had had my shot and it didn’t work out.

I spent many evenings alone on my couch, convincing myself that nobody would want me, and convincing myself that I didn’t care.

The problem was, I DID care. I longed for new love…a deep, soul-connecting love. But I was so wrapped up in hurt and blame I wouldn’t let those feelings out.

The day I admitted that to myself was the day everything began to change.

I realized that the thing keeping me from realizing my greatest desire was…me.

I had to heal, I had to learn to love again, I needed to forgive to free myself from the blame, shame, victim game. I had to overcome my childhood hurts and finally release myself from the chains of the past to empower myself.

Once I woke up and realized that I had the keys to my own success. I was NOT going to waste any more time wallowing in self-pity, I started working to pack away my past, love myself again, send the RIGHT signals to the universe.

The signals that said, “I am ready for true love to come into my life!”

It wasn’t easy, but I figured out how to heal and empowered myself. I had to learn how to trust myself, respect myself, love myself, and show others how to trust, respect, and love me.

Not long after, I’m ecstatic to report, I met my Michael, we just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and I have never been happier.

I Met My Soulmate Michael Online, Engaged in 8 Months, and Now Happily Married for 5 YEARS!

Now – I’ve been with my husband Michael for 7 years and we have a healthy, passionate marriage.  We are good friends. We have a satisfying sex life. We trust one another, and are fully committed to one another.

But we are real people in a real relationship, right? We learned how to manage conflict constructively. That means we can arrive at mutual understanding and get to compromises that work. And we can repair effectively when we hurt one another.

We honor one another’s dreams, even if they’re different. We co-created a life with shared values and ethics, beliefs, rituals, and goals. We agree about fundamental symbols like what a home is, what love is, and how to connect with our children.

You should expect that in a relationship. You deserve it. It’s not unreasonable, and it’s achievable in Engaged at Any Age®, for single women who want a committed relationship!

Michael“I hear people say ‘Marriage and relationships are so much work,’ but if you do it right, it’s pretty easy. There are always little things here and there, but it’s pretty easy between Jaki and me. We love and respect each other.” ~ Michael Sabourin ❤️

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Trusting too easily or falling in love too fast?
  • Not speaking up about your feelings, over-giving, or lacking clear, healthy boundaries?
  • Not being in your feminine energy,being too dominant, moving too fast, begging for commitment and then pushing him away?
  • Afraid of repeating the past, wasting more time, getting hurt, or not finding “the one”?
  • Tired of overreacting or being easily triggered but don’t know how to change?
  • Unsure of how to be vulnerable or worse, you try to fake it and become someone you’re not?

And the most common things women struggle with:

  • Attracting men who cheat, are emotionally unavailable or immature, or aren’t interested in a commitment?

This is one of the biggest reasons women are afraid to date or hang onto horrible relationships—a guy who has hurt you, lied to you and/or cheated on you—because they are afraid of the cycle repeating, being alone, or finding something even worse!


What if you could actually create the conscious romantic love you’ve always been dreaming of and it’s not based in magical thinking or hot chemistry that fades out fast?

This is the kind of union builds on magnetic connection so you can not only relish each other’s company but also resolve conflict with respect, empathy, and understanding.

You can have the ultimate relationships with “the one” where you develop a strong, long-lasting authentic bond that is also a fun partnership.

You can enjoy one another’s conversation and company, knowing you have each other’s backs.

And you can build a deep, fulfilling romance that stands the test of time!

Partnership. Trust. Understanding. And a deep, soul-level love for each other.

And it’s not love that flashes and then fizzles. It’s REAL unconditional profound love that comes when you first learn to forgive and accept yourself and love yourself unconditionally.

All you need are the tools to help you become the best version of yourself so you can stop second-guessing everything, focus on your desires—your specific desires, not “he’ll do”—and have fun finding the one!


You have to stop allowing emotional triggers sabotage you. Heal yourself so you can stop living in past hurt. Learn to live with an open heart. Feel safe revealing your true self. And develop clear, healthy boundaries so men can respect you.

That might sound like a tall order, but only then, for the first time, can you experience profound love. And, you can actually FINALLY create the ultimate relationship you’ve spent your entire life dreaming about and settle down once and forever!!

Engaged at Any Age® is for women who want REAL LOVE, loyalty and honesty with “the one.” This is the way to finally get into a committed relationship without the struggles of your past.

Join me to learn the tools that will help you overcome painful past experiences and limiting beliefs that are still sabotaging your ability to connect deeply and honestly with a man in a loving, committed relationship and marriage.

No matter where you are on your journey or feeling at this moment, your romantic success is inevitable. With Engaged at Any Age®, The Ultimate Year-Long Dating & Love Mastery Course, you can finally attract a quality man who will commit to you!

The key is gaining power over how you think, react, and feel. This lets you create the outcome you want from dating . . . and beyond!

You can have this kind of life…and it’s easier than you think!

I will be with you every step of the way, showing you exactly what you need to do to make these lasting changes.

When women graduate from Engaged at Any Age®, The Ultimate Dating & Love Mastery Course, they experience a powerful transformation.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to go from doubting, sabotaging, and feeling low self-esteem so that you embodying the kind of confidence that makes you irresistible to men! You will feel more alive, passionate, and vibrant so that you can start attracting higher quality men!
  • How to let down your guard so that you can speak confidently from your heart.
  • How to express genuine, authentic emotion so that it creates intimacy.
  • How to dismantle your core fears so you feel more empowered, hopeful and optimistic than you have in years!
  • How to clearly communicate and share your thoughts and emotions so a man will listen, respect your feelings, and respond in a positive way.
  • How to keep your conversations from turning into arguments. (The trick is to see his side from a position of understanding instead of anger… and get him to do the same for you!)
  • How to tune into your man’s emotional frequency to understand what he is thinking and feeling so that you can communicate with him at a deeper level than anyone ever has before.
  • How to set healthy boundaries while dating and using technology appropriately.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of being constantly available so that you don’t destroy a budding relationship!
  • How to detach from the outcome and avoid the painful fallout of feeling rejected and disappointed.
  • How to send the right messages and trigger the response you want in the man you want.
  • How to identify and eliminate negative communication patterns SO THAT you replace them with GOOD HABITS that bring you closer when you find the man you want in your life.
  • How to share your vision for your future in a way so that he commits to you forever.
  • How to make yourself feel safe, sane, and secure so that you can show up as the best version of yourself.

the Ultimate Dating and Love Mastery Course

What’s included:

Coaching and Accountability

3 Monthy 60–Minute LIVE Coaching calls with Jaki. Revolutionize your life and relationships by becoming more grounded, more confident and a walking embodiment of Feminine Energy!  In just a few short weeks after you begin this journey, you will notice a HUGE difference as you peel back layer after layer and reconnect to your heart, your soul and the woman you were born to be!  You’ll receive coaching on relevant topics.

(Value $10,500)

Dating Mastery and Advanced Relationship Skills Training

You will learn how to put your dating system on autopilot, by showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to filter your results and attract only quality men. No more wasted time on men who can’t or won’t commit. Conversations that connect! Honesty and vulnerability—I’ll teach you how to be smart, safe, and savvy while sharing just the right amount so that you keep him wanting more! You’ll receive Love Scripts for Dating - What to Say to Inspire His True Love while navigating the early stages of a relationship that can feel so scary. You’ll learn exactly how to make a man deeply attracted to you and exactly what to say so that he feels compelled to keep calling you, asking you out, and moving things forward in a relationship… all by himself. When you feel this confident, your attractiveness increases exponentially.

Real Time Facebook Coaching

Our exclusive, Inner Circle Secret Facebook Group is a gathering of successful, spiritual, like-minded women, together with our trained coach facilitators. In this forum, you’ll get your questions answered 24/7, so that you never get stuck in your progress toward your intention. You’ll receive advice, guidance and feedback in real time, while connecting with other women who, like you, are excited about getting Engaged at Any Age®!

(Value $5,000)

GPS to Love™ Mastery Series

The Ultimate Blueprint to Help you Build Your Feminine Foundation for Love! Now you can master your mind, your emotions and your energy on your own time with these 12 self-paced training videos and supporting videos and worksheets created to help you stand in your power as a strong, confident and fully actualized woman! Men cannot resist a woman who walks through life happy, passionate and whole. This series is a deep dive into the core principles of Engaged at Any Age® and addresses the abstract concepts of emotional, psychological and spiritual wellness in a simple, easy-to-follow system that will help you to create the life you want to live—with the love you deserve!

(Value $12,000)

Bonus #1 - 60 Minute Strategic Planning Private One on One Call

60–Minute Strategic planning private one-on-one call - Designed to take you from where you are and move you into action! The very first thing we do in the program is meet with you in a 60–Minute Private Strategic planning one-on-one call so that we can create your custom Soulmate plan so that you can take strategic actions to get you closer to your goal so that you can build confidence to step out of your comfort zone and take bigger risks.

(Value $500)

Bonus #2 - Personal & Genuine Dating Profile Creation

To help you attract the one, our team of experts will create an online dating profile that will stand out from the crowd so that you attract more messages, matches and dates! Includes complete profile creation, plus Tinder/Bumble profile add-on and dating profile picture review.

(Value $250)

Bonus #3 - Private Clarity Calls

6 Private 30-Minute Clarity Calls with Love Coach. For those relationship emergencies, hop on the phone with your Love Coach and get clarity to move your relationship forward and stop getting stuck in relationship ruts.

(Value $1,200)

Bonus #4 - Love Library

When you're ready for love, you don't need insight, you need RESULTS! The Love Library is packed with practical, proven tools and strategies so that you attract and keep your ideal man. These are our most popular resources from our private vault. You'll find your Man Plan Workbook, secrets to dating and flirting, and communicating with your man and so much more. PLUS- it's the gift that keeps on giving! Every new tool that my team and I create will be added to the Love Library, which means you'll get every tool already there, PLUS every tool and resource I add going forward, for FREE!

(Value $5,700)

Bonus #5 - The Love in the City Workshop “Love Immersion”

A weekend of deep, heart-centered, training and discovery. You and your soul sisters from Engaged at Any Age® will spend the weekend having fun learning how to cultivate and unleash your feminine energy. You’ll practice flirting and attracting in real life situations – with Jaki and her coaches as your “wing women” giving you real-time feedback, support and guidance. These VIP weekends will prepare you to execute your 90-day Man Plan successfully. Jaki's enthusiasm is contagious, and together you'll take in the city, explore the singles scene and make memories that will last a lifetime!

(Value $3,000)

Engaged at Any Age, The Ultimate Year-Long Love Mastery Course is for you if you are...

  • Done being single
  • Feel like you have everything you want in life . . . except a long-lasting relationship
  • Tired of giving so much and getting little in return in your relationships
  • Struggling to set and protect your boundaries
  • Unsure how to OR are afraid to communicate your needs and wants
  • Done with the humiliation and pain of being rejected and abandoned
  • Afraid you won’t find someone or you’ll pick the wrong guy (again)
  • Frustrated about wasting more time
  • Nervous about a man knowing you intimately
  • Afraid your kids will never see you happy in a committed relationship
  • Certain that you are meant to experience profound unconditional love and willing to give it another shot!

It’s not for you if you:

  • Live in victim mode, believing things just happen to you
  • Are not on a path of self-development
  • Are not open to trying new things to find true love
  • Don’t recognize the value of healing and empowering yourself

"I had the WORST LUCK when it came to men. Now after working with Jaki, I got engaged to Ed in March of 2019 and my whole life has changed! “

Heather & Ed

"He surprised my with a birthday party, but the real surprise was when he proposed! I said Yes!! He’s The ONE for me! Jaki you taught me to stay in my feminine energy, I'm so deeply grateful for you and this program. My heart’s singing right now!" 

LaShey & Gil

“Jaki has projected me forward at a much faster rate than I could have ever done on my own. The work I have been doing in the program has gone much deeper and really helped me move forward quickly. I got engaged and married in 8 months!"

Vicki & Ed

“Before I started working with Jaki, I was petrified that I would spend the rest of my life alone.  In just a few short months working in Jaki's program, I met the most amazing man!  We've committed to spend our lives together.  So grateful I finally learned to overcome my limiting beliefs about what was possible.  That's the day that Terry walked into my life. I'm forever grateful for Engaged at Any Age®."

Laura & Terry


Hundreds of women have participated in Engaged at Any Age® programs and coaching with certified Love Coaches.

So many of our clients have found the one within months of enrolling in our programs. Watch the video to see what Engaged at Any Age® graduates have to say about their success.

A little bit about Jaki...

Jaki Sabourin was voted “Best Female Relationship Expert” by her peers and is a coach, speaker, author and CEO of Engaged at Any Age®, a company that helps women consciously create the man of their dreams. Her wit and no-nonsense attitude has led to hundreds of clients meeting their ideal man.

She married her own ideal match at the age of 50 after being single for 8 years. They have been together for 7-bliss-filled years, and Jaki uses this experience to teach her clients about dating, the foundations of a healthy relationship and true relationship mastery. You can find her on “Engaged at Any Age®” YouTube Channel and Facebook and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

“I found my guy because I learned how to be in my feminine in Jaki’s program. It’s just so easy between me and David! Remarkable for 70 year old’s to be engaged!”

Claire & David

He said!  "I want what you want, I want to be married!"

I did as you said, Jaki, not only is Freddy a good listener, but he’s a quick learner. So I relaxed more and let myself enjoy. you taught me how to speak my truth so I shared that I’m looking for a long term relationship.  The support from the group and my Journey-mates is invaluable. I feel encouraged and uplifted! 

Wanda and Freddy

“Doing your program I have broken free from a negative, destructive, horrible relationship after 10 yrs of confusion!! This is the best I have EVER felt! I am FREE! I am WHOLE!! I am LOVE! I am ABUNDANCE!!! I am WEALTH!! I have CHANGED from a woman with VAST anxiety to a woman with clarity, expansion, and ABUNDANCE AND GROWTH! Thank you, Jaki“


“I had my first call with Jaki today and I cannot begin to tell you all how amazing and life changing working with her has already been for me...she helped me dig up things today that I have been wrestling with and trying to figure out for years!!! I cannot say how amazing it feels to finally understand how some of the baggage that I have been carrying around since childhood has so deeply impacted my life, my behavior and my relationships...all I can say is WOW. I'm so blessed that I found Jaki!!!” 



  • q-iconIs the Ultimate Committed Relationship program right for me if I’m frustrated and overwhelmed from dating all the wrong men for years?

    Absolutely! This is one of the foundations of the program. We can help you discover why you keep attracting them, how you can adjust your focus to attract the right man, and then keep him in your life with the right tools to build a healthy, committed relationship.

  • q-iconThis looks like it’s going to take a lot of time? How am I supposed to add this to my already full “to-do list?”

    In the program, we teach you how to incorporate the tools and strategies into your everyday life. It’s not about giving up anything. We teach you to get laser-focused on uncovering how you are using your time and energy so that you feel less stressed, more present, and have more energy, so you have fun dating!

  • q-iconThis seems really pricey. How can I justify the cost?

    Would you put a price-tag on your long-term happiness? Better yet, what is it costing you now emotionally and financially to keep searching for the right man, going out on dates that are disappointments, and then sitting home by yourself? The truth is that you have total control of your situation, and you can absolutely get your money’s worth.

  • q-iconThere just aren’t enough men out there like me. How do I know that I’ll be able to find the one after doing this work?

    Honestly, if you keep dating the same thing that you’ve been doing, how do you expect to get different results? We need to do the inner work to finally have the confidence, self-love, and security to know what we’re looking for and be strong enough to walk away and look again if it isn’t right. Trusting yourself lets you spot red flags and act on them faster. Loving yourself completely helps you honor your boundaries and expect the respect you deserve. And being happy with yourself first means that you won’t be reliant on someone else’s happiness to make you happy. That’s the only way to find someone who is a perfect match for you and build a strong, healthy, long-lasting relationship full of love. What’s better than the chance to do that?

  • q-iconI’ve been waiting a long time for God to send my soulmate into my life. Shouldn’t I just keep waiting for what’s meant to be?

    God helps those who help themselves, right? And we have a divine right to happiness and love. If this is what we truly want in our lives, then we owe it to ourselves and our Creator to seek it out and make the most of the time we have on this planet.

the Ultimate Dating and Love Mastery Course


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