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"Jaki has projected me forward...

...at a much faster rate than I could have ever done on my own. The work I have been doing with Jaki has gone much deeper and really helped me move forward quickly....... I got engaged in February and married in September!" - Vicki Zakin
Vicki and Frank
Join today and receive an amazing bonus that will change the way you see yourself and how you pursue love.
Jaki is on a mission to coach as many women as possible into a meaningful relationship, that’s why she opened her Inner Circle at an extraordinary price
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From the Desk of Jaki Sabourin --


If you want to navigate your future with a PLAN to find, and keep, your perfect match…

If you find yourself wondering whether there are any quality men left in the world...

If you want to unlock all the secrets for successful dating in the 21st century…

I have great news.
You can join a community of women unlike anything you’ve been a part of before.
As part of this group, you will meet awesome, successful women just like you who share a common goal – to create their own lasting love story!

This is a band of women from all over the world, and the support and stories they share amaze me. These ladies decided to join the Inner Circle because they know it’s their best chance to fulfill their mission and find a fulfilling relationship.

Inner Circle members have access to me and my team every week, receives advice and feedback so they can move forward on their love journey.

As a member, you’re getting every soulmate attraction secret I offer…

…every tool in my personal toolchest (and I do mean personal – these are the EXACT methods I used to attract and keep my husband!)…

…and LOTS of insider tips that have made my clients successful in inviting love to their lives.

Of course, as Shakespeare once wrote, “the course of true love never did run smooth.”

In other words –

no matter how many tips, tricks and tools in your arsenal, there will still be bumps along the way!
That’s where the Inner Circle REALLY comes in to help!
Engaged At Any Age Inner Circle Group Call with Jaki Sabourin
First, you’ll receive access to me and my team Monday – Friday to ask ANY question you have.
This way, you get the continued support you need to succeed on your path to love.

All you need to do is ask, and we will help you.
Second:  You will have A Call with My Team Right Away
Yep, right away – because we want you to get results, ASAP. Usually, you must wait a few weeks to get on our calendar, but as an Inner Circle member, you get more…
  • More support.
  • More clarity.
  • More confidence.
  • More enthusiasm for where you’re headed!
Third, you’ll be Welcomed into Our Community With Open Arms as a treasured member!
If you get stuck, talk to like-minded women, and get help staying to avoid being overwhelmed!

Interact in real time with my team and women just like you.

You haven’t received support like this before!
Fourth – You Get Two Live Group Training Calls A Month
Receive answers to your most pressing questions twice a month via live training and coaching sessions. You can attend in real time or listen to the replays on your schedule!

These calls will answer questions about dating strategies, how to move through the course you’re taking, and even update you on any major changes with online dating apps (those platforms change rapidly, strategies you implement online today could be obsolete by tomorrow!)
Our Inner Circle members love these calls because it gives them another level of access to me to ensure they’re on track.
“Ladies...I just had to share..I was on my first call with Jaki and I cannot begin to tell you all how amazing and life changing working with her has already been for me...she helped me dig up things today that I have been wrestling with and trying to figure out for years. all I can say is WOW. I'm so blessed that I found Jaki!!! 😍 Jill”
This course contains the exact strategies I typically reserve for my private clients, showing them how to find, and keep, the kind of love they desire – and DESERVE.

Finding a soulmate isn’t a matter of luck. It’s a matter of creating a new skill set.

I can teach you these skills quickly so you can immediately begin finding a fulfilling relationship.
Jaki Sabourin on computer
In this program, we combine deeply transformational inner work alongside dating strategies and activities. 
We will guide You to Become the Most Authentic Version of You, the Version a Quality Man Can’t Resist!
Essentially, you are about to fall in love with yourself first, which makes attracting the right man inevitable!

It’s all here in Soulmate Journey…
  • ​28 on-demand videos with dating and attraction tips you can start using immediately…
  • ​Soul Discovery Worksheets and journal to help you decide exactly what you want…
  • ​Portable Online Dating Profiles - 2 fill and launch profiles with two mini's for apps...
  • ​Emotional processing tools to unpack your baggage for good…
  • ​Love scripts you can use to know exactly what to say and when…
You are getting ALL my best secrets and tips – FREE Value with your membership!
You will have access to these six amazing course modules.
Soulmate Journey

Module 1: “I” Believe - A Positive Starting Point

  • Fixing your most important relationship – the one with YOURSELF
  • Connecting with your higher being and intuition
  • Releasing the blocks that have been keeping you from lasting happiness


  • Getting Clear
  • ​What do you want? What is your Soulmate Lifestyle Vision?  Become crystal clear on your goals by answering these questions with our guided video. Learn how to visualize your ideal life and live with more intention.
  • ​Turn vision into reality
  • ​Why do you want it? Pursuing your deepest “why” changes everything, it creates purpose. Open your eyes to relationships that go nowhere (and be able to see the red flags sooner!). This video will show you how to “act as if” you know things will change; for example, telling friends that you will be in a relationship soon.
  • ​Stop dreaming and start doing
  • ​You create tangible, real-life experiences to bolster your beliefs in your new path, such as, cleaning out your closet, making space in the bathroom, decluttering your home, and making room for your man. This is the Affirmation Stage, and this video will show you how amazing it can be!

Module 2: “I” am YOUnique

  • Building your emotional foundation so you can receive love.
  • Where is your magic hiding? (This might surprise you!)
  • Why feeling safe and self-confident in who you are is SO attractive to men (and how to finally feel it!)
  • ​Getting your sparkle back, no matter your age or your dress size. (This is always a MAJOR shift that truly lights you from within!)


  • Love the Most Important Person in Your Life – YOU!
  • Working to embody both self-love and self-acceptance. Time to let go of the excuses that are keeping you from accepting yourself. Everyone else sees who you are and except you.
  • Self Nurturing
  • Time to take responsibility for how you feel. Feeling good needs to be THE priority! When you feel good, life is so much fun, and your vibe is high! A daily practice of emotional self-nurture is a key to being irresistible.
  • Authenticity
  • You are becoming authentic and practicing transparency to create emotional availability, emotional honesty, and intimacy with yourself, so you are prepared to experience, create space, and invite that intimacy with a man as a bridge to commitment.

Module 3: “I” Hook & Reel

  • The importance of listening to your gut (Learn how to tell the difference between ego guidance and heart guidance) .
  • ​Using the language of feelings and feminine energy as a bridge to learning the language of your future lover.
  • ​Actualize your personal power to create anything you want with ease.


  • Creating Your Ideal Man List
  • ​Create your ideal man list to see you perceive love and the qualities you want.  You set your intention to be a deliberate dater. You are consciously becoming the qualities that you would like to have in a man. 
  • Creating Space for the “One”
  • Tips on cleaning out your closet, making space in the bathroom, decluttering your home, and making room for your man are also included! Get rid of the things that no longer serves you, including past relationship reminders!
  • Getting ready to launch Your Love Plan
  • ​You are getting your dating wardrobe, professional profile images, write your online dating profile. List your predating outfits. Checklist.
  • Putting Yourself Out There Online
  • ​Launch your profile, start sending generators, swiping right or left and start instant messaging with men.
  • Connect to Your Life Confidently (and meet Men in the process)
  • ​Everywhere you go you need to start making eye contact.  Use “How’s your day going?” Practice eye contact in mirror. You confidently and consistently engage everyone everywhere. You smile. You engage in small talk.  You are practicing self-expression.
  • ​Live and Date with Intention (and a Feather)
  • You are using the dating platform to master dating, social skills, speaking your truth using your feather in a way a man can hear you, honoring your Soulmate Lifestyle Vision, knowing when to catch and when to release {NEXT} those who don’t fit your ideal man list (what you want). You’re ready for a relationship!
  • ​Stay Out of Dating Ruts and Rabbit Holes
  • ​You are refining what you want by the contrast dating creates and solidifying your identity. The more you understand what you don’t want, the more you know what you do want! You are in the Relationship Ready Stage now, with your eyes facing forward!  Detachment. Having a schedule. We have 3 weeks on 1 week off.  To balance out your inner world.

Module 4: “We” are Exclusive

  • The secret to keeping your heart open
  • ​Mastering the art of vulnerability
  • ​What words help him hear you and which ones repel him completely!
  • ​Creating a relationship that lasts


  • The Importance of the Three C’s
  • Start enjoying clarity through receiving the 3 C’s – From your guy. How to make sure you get them daily!
  • Let’s Talk About Sex (and Exclusivity)
  • How to have those important conversations about being exclusive, sexual intimacy and even STDs. They don’t have to be uncomfortable! Learn exactly what to say, and why. 
  • The Three A’s that Cultivate Exclusivity
  • Once you’ve had the conversation, build on it. Begin co-creating the relationship of your dreams by talking about your future. Comfortably offer the three A’s of exclusivity by giving back to him Appreciation, Admiration, and Adoration. Learn about the Exclusive Intimacy Stage.

Module 5: Getting to “I Do”

  • Going from me to we
  • The key to approaching potential “minefield” conversations with ease
  • How to make decisions from a place of love and confidence


  • A Mutual Vision for Life Together
  • You’ve arrived at a plan for long-term future together and now it’s time for logistics. Learn the ins and outs of discussing finances and family dynamics and more.
  • Bringing the Family to the Equation
  • You’ve met his family and he’s met yours. You’re clear he’s the one and he feels the same way. How to make sure the families meld and respect one another!
  • The Proposal / Commitment
  • This is the Fully Committed Stage! You’re engaged, buy a place together or make some other permanent step in your life together. Find out how to keep this occasion significant!

Module 6: “We” are Keeping the Love Alive & Relationship Strong

  • Designing responsible communication techniques
  • ​Knowing, and respecting, each other’s love languages
  • ​How discuss your triggers (with your feather, not your brick!)
  • ​Finding the perfect in the imperfect


  • Cultivate Connection through Communication
  • It’s all about keeping your word and having mutual respect. Find out the ins and outs of lasting, meaningful communication!
  • ​Keep Things in the Open
  • Regularly communicate with your partner on an intimate level about everything and anything. Learn the importance of discussing things you feel triggered by or need clarity on.
  • Maintain Joy as a Way of Life
  • You’ve arrived at the Nurturing Lasting Love Stage! Emotional integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of your relationship and life. This is your “Happily Ever After!” 

It’s all right here for you!

You are getting my intimate secrets and tips for:

  • Figuring out what you want in your relationship
  • ​Finding the perfect man for you
  • ​Dating in the 21st century (meeting online isn’t going anywhere! You MUST master it!)
  • ​Getting out of your own way
  • ​Realizing you don’t need a man to rescue you!

Exciting right?

As I said – I’ve given you everything you need to attract and keep the love of your life.

But Wait…

I’m not done yet!

I’m also throwing in these amazing bonuses!

1. Love Toolbox ($297 value)

Master your mind, your emotions, and your energy with practical, proven tools from my private vault. These tools will help you stand in your power as a strong, confident, and fully actualized woman! Men cannot resist a woman who walks confidently through life happy, passionate, and whole.

2. Dating and Relationship “Cheat Sheet” ($297 value)

This is like a dictionary of Frequently Asked Dating and Relationship Q & A’s! Now you don’t have to wait to get your most burning questions answered! This is a robust resource that I put together from live Q & A calls with my groups. You have access to my coaching right at your fingertips through a handy index.

3. Ready, Set, Go! Portable Profiles ($250 value)

Your fail-proof online dating profiles. Two customizable profiles and 2 mini profiles that convert to dates! 

4. Gift of Gab Video Series  ($297 value)

Master the art of using loving language so you can keep the lines of communication open and healthy not just with men, but with every relationship you have. You will learn how to keep your conversations productive, positive, and mutually beneficial!

That’s 6 modules, 28 videos, and 4 amazing bonuses
…all for FREE Value, when you join my Inner Circle.

You will also receive tickets to my Soulmate Journey Inner Circle Virtual Workshops!

These workshops are full of deep, heart-centered training and discovery.  You and your soul sisters will learn how to cultivate and unleash your feminine energy!

These events not only allow me to “meet” you, but we get things DONE. You’ll accomplish things that might take 6 weeks or more working on your own.

You end up light years ahead in shaping your future!

I’m giving you these tickets as a part of your investment in the program!

And, yes there’s more!

A Monthly Bonus Training – Valued at $297

Every month a new training is created just for you to keep you on track. You can access these courses in our state-of-the-art Portal where you’ll have ACCESS to our Inner Circle Engaged at Any Age courses, so you have everything you need in one place.

So, to recap…Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Join  Jaki’s Inner Circle…

  • The Soulmate Journey Course ($1997) FREE Value
  • Love Toolbox – ($497) FREE Value
  • Answers to your Most Burning Questions cheat sheet ($297) FREE Value
  • ​Portable Online Dating Profiles 2 full 2 mini for apps  – ($297) FREE Value
  • ​Gift of Gab keep your conversations mutually beneficial! ($297 ) FREE Value

Plus, everything inside The Engaged at Any Age Inner Circle…

  • Monday to Friday Q&A Access to Me and My Team to Ensure You’re Always Moving Forward…
  • 1-on-1 Kick Off Coaching Call to Help Accelerate Your Results…
  • Live Group Coaching Calls Twice Per Month…
  • Monthly Bonus Training to keep you on track...
  • ​Access to Engaged at Any Age Courses...
  • ​Complimentary Tickets to the Soulmate Journey Workshop Virtual Events (2) - these run twice a year.

Just a bit of value, right?!

If you were to purchase everything separately, you’d be spending over $8,000!

(Which would still be a great deal for your happiness.)

Your investment is $197 a month. (No contract)

That’s a huge savings and you are worth it!
Cancel at any time with 7 days’ notice, without penalty.

I only ask one thing of you – ACT FAST.

This Offer is Limited and could Come Down at Any Moment as I am Promoting This to 30,000 Women in My Data Base and Over 55,000 Followers!

I need to keep the Inner Circle membership manageable so that each woman gets the attention that she deserves.

If you’re ready to grab the reins of the rest of your life, click the button below and get started!

As mentioned, if you wake up tomorrow morning…

The offer might not be here anymore…

I cannot wait to see you in the Circle!



PS: You might be wondering if women like you really have found success with my programs…

Or if it’s the right fit for you…

Or if you’re ready for this…

And if you are, sometimes the best way to address these concerns is to hear some real success stories!

Tracy Barraza & Doug

 We are engaged AND we have our new house! 
"I made many mistakes along the way. Being widowed after 31 years the dating game has changed considerably. Having a dating coach..... Jaki is Priceless!!! We have Our new house! And, we are engaged! Okay, single ladies get that dating coach! It's worth the price in gold! "

Victoria King 

I’m engaged!
" I took your course last year and am now engaged after meeting my match with your help and guidance! "

Brigit & Mike 

Happily married within 6 months.
" Thank you for your work Jaki. I suggest you to every single lady I know because your coaching helped me tremendously and I’m happily married within 6 months of finding my soulmate! "
Sandra Vick recommends Jaki Sabourin. May 16, 2019. I started thinking about finding someone special and get married but I was by myself for 5 years, so the idea of dating terrified me. Jaki gave me the guidelines I needed. I created an account at Match.com and followed her advice to a T. In 2 months I met my Allen. We got married 3 months after our first date. I recommend Jaki to every woman who is serious about finding the man of her dreams.
Susie Ingersoll recommends Jaki Sabourin January 16, 2019. The steps are about more than "finding a man", but about enriching one's life by being connected to your authenticity and being a visionary for your own life. The tools are helpful and she is genuine in her passion for this work. She is positive and supportive of everyone's journey.
Claire Dunne recommends Jaki Sabourin. After losing my husband, Jaki helped me understand men and online dating. With her guidance I have acheived better self mastery and have had two wonderful relationships so far.
Marcielle Brandler recommends Jaki Sabourin. Jaki gives sensible, honest, and applicable advice for real-life dating. No games. Romance is a dance, and most of us have not learned the step. Jaki will help.
Vicki Whitener Brown recommends Jaki Sabourin. Jaki is a gifted teacher. She is knowlegeable, intuitive, insightful, thoughtful, and direct. Her program allowed me to fast track my personal development which in turn allowed me to attract my soulmate and soon to be husband. I am forever grateful to Jaki, her coaches and the wonderful women in the closed group community for all the support, advice and love.
Marcia Kay recommends Jaki Sabourin. I understand the "authentic" and that's exactly what I look for in any type of coach...that being said, I happened upon Jaki Sabourin when I was looking for a Love Coach. I checked out quite a few, they were all really amazing. There's something very different, very easily relatable about Jaki. She has walked her talk, and she has her "King" to prove it! The's a true lady, the Queen in her own Loving Relationship. She gives pointers, personal pointers that really has me on the edge of my chair half the time. Jaki leaves her own ego out of her Coaching, she is really there for us, and there's no doubt that I have learned so much, incredible self esteem building exercises, countless realtistic approaches to men, all the while holding our own integrity and feminine energy in tact.
Alison Brantley reviewed Jaki Sabourin. She is a gift to all! Jaki is a wealth of knowledge and offers such smart and perceptive guidelines for dating and finding the love you want. She is like a cheerleader helping women to highly value themselves and follow their true desires.
PPS – I thought I’d address some FAQ’s;
you may be asking yourself some of these!

Will I lose access to The Soulmate Journey Course  if I cancel my Engaged at Any Age Inner Circle membership? 

- If you wish to no longer be a member of the Inner Circle,
just email us at [email protected] with 7 days’ notice and we’ll cancel your membership, no questions asked!

You get to keep the Soulmate Journey worksheets, the Portable Online dating profiles, Cheat Sheet e-book, Gift of Gab worksheets, and the monthly bonus training for free - our gift to you for giving the Inner Circle a try!

How quickly can I get started?

- Your access will arrive in your inbox within 5-10 minutes! So as soon as you register by entering your details, you will get your logins immediately. I want you to be able to start as quickly as you want! My team and I are here in your corner every week for as long as you stay in the Engaged at Any Age Inner Circle group.

What stage of dating or relationship should I be in? 

- Through the processes in this program, I’ve helped clients find more joy in dating and have more confidence in relationships in no time at all. It’s not about the stage of dating or relationship. The one criterion inside the Soulmate Journey course is you must be a committed to a path of self-discovery.

Is there a guarantee?

- The $197/month “cancel with 7 days’ notice” is an incredible deal. If you don’t think so, then this offer may not be for you and that’s OK!

If you’re ready to turn your dreams into reality with help from the Inner Circle, just click below to reserve your spot before they’re all gone…
Jaki Sabourin

All relationships are reflections of where our internal compass is resting. We attract into our life what we are embodying, which isn't necessarily what we want. We do so for the primary purpose of healing whatever part of us has been wounded. The reality is that you are the common denominator in your dating life. The great news is if you accept that you could be the problem you can also accept the responsibility of being the solution!

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