This is your next best step to a total, life-changing and on-going awakening! In this sacred container I’ve created, you will be supported as you navigate your own heart and as you call in and nurture the heart of your ideal man 

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When you become a member of our Inner Circle and take action consistently with our guidance and support, you will go from lonely and single to an empowered, confident, self-assured, super-woman which makes attracting your man inevitable!!

Our promise to you is that we will act as your strong and heart-centered guides as you dig deep and discover the secrets to healing your wounds, replacing old programming with new and empowering stories and raise your Feminine energy to a frequency that ultimately attracts the man of your dreams.

During this journey, we will work together on dating and self-acceptance strategies to support you in becoming the most confident, authentic and attractive version of you - the version of you that a great man cannot resist!

This experience will be transformational on so many levels, but it requires a partnership between you and me. A kind of soul contract and understanding that this is a practice. Learning to cultivate yourself for love is not an end destination but a way of life that must be chosen, practiced and embraced with gratitude.

Most women find that the commitment they want from a man walks into their lives when they first form an unwavering commitment to themselves.

Your love life will only ever grow to the extent that YOU do.

That is the mission and promise of the Inner Circle- to create love by creating change.

Listen there are two paths you can take right now.

You can walk away from Engaged at Any Age®, from the sisterhood that’s held you and try to go it alone.

And it might work! It will for sure take longer, it will for sure be bumpier as we are so easily distracted from our own desires when we are on our own. But it might work at some point.


You can accept this invitation to a new sisterhood, a new circle of support, a next-level of love and friendship and of course massive heart and soul growth and KEEP ON THE PATH to becoming the woman you were born to be!

You’re so close to getting everything you desire!

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