Your 2021 Love Forecast Results:
HOT and Sunny with a HIGH PROBABILITY for Love!

You are in a great place to find love because you are already happy on your own. A fully empowered, fully actualized magnetic woman! Right now, you are the Empowered Goddess. Your goal is to step into the role of the ALCHEMIST, the MYSTIC the MAGICIAN and create your own luck! It’s not enough to sit back and be fabulous, you have to intentionally and consciously create the relationship of your dreams. And you can!

Your Current Strengths: Magnetism, manifesting abilities, confidence, grounded energy.

Your Shadow Side: Complacency, can be critical of potential partners.

Your Mentor Match: 


Philanthropist, humanitarian, businesswoman, actress and all-round global presence Oprah Winfrey has endured and survived a tumultuous life, rising to become the most influential and powerful woman on television today, with a worldwide following that stretches into millions… and a devoted man by her side for all of it!  

Oprah is unapologetic in her choices, and that kind of confidence makes her an attractive partner, as she can be depended on for support, love and truth. 

Like Oprah, you know exactly what you want out of life and already are, for the most part, living it! 

But would all of those accomplishments feel as fulfilling without her beloved Stedman by her side at the end of the day?

Her partner keeps her grounded and adds to her already juicy existence. Yours will too!

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