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"3 Ways to Emotionally Connect With Men"

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"3 Ways to Emotionally Connect With Men"

Here’s what one man had to say after watching:

"Jaki, I will tell you this is golden. It’s all true, men will bend over backwards for a woman who will be appreciative and affectionate. Commitment is not the issue for most men, it is commitment to a woman who is unappreciative or unsupportive that men dislike becoming committed to. As I listened to you I was more and more blown away that you hit the nail on the head. A shout out to a woman I really care about whom I will share this video with; not with the intention of showing her characteristics and actions she does not have, but rather for validation that she should take courage in the fact that I truly believe she already possesses the care and traits you mention in this video. She’s an amazing woman, but a little intimidated by our age gap. I think this video will remind her of how feminine and powerful a woman she already is....which I what I enjoy about her. Thank you, Jaki, very well presented video." -Todd

See? Todd and other men WANT you to be feminine and appreciative and open to them.

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"Tips that Drive Him WILD!"

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Video #1 "How to Take Your Power Back"

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"How to Take Your Power Back"

Have you ever felt a man pull away and had no idea why? It feels awful doesn’t it? You wrack your brain trying to figure out what you did, then you fight the back and forth debate within yourself about whether or not you should reach out to him. It’s maddening. And my advice might surprise you, but MEN AGREE WITH ME!

Here’s what one said:

 “This message applies to men as well and is the reason why women sometimes pull away too. Although Jaki’s channel is presented as being primarily for women, much of what she says in these videos applies to men as well and it would be worthwhile for some men to listen to what she is saying.” – Phil

Jaki Sabourin was recognized by her peers as the "Best Female Relationship Expert" and is a successful Executive Love Coach, Keynote Speaker, and CEO of Engaged at Any Age®, a Company that helps women Deliberately Date and Consciously Create the man of their dreams. Jaki is known for being the “man whisperer” due to her extraordinary success at teaching women to understand themselves first, which leads to connecting on a deeper level with a man who is ready to commit!  She is a Master Coach and her wit and no-nonsense attitude has led to hundreds of clients meeting their ideal match.  She married her own ideal match at the age of 50 after being single for 8 years. You can find her on her “YouTube” channel “Engaged at Any Age” on Facebook Facebook, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.