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  • The Man Plan Workbook – Your Soulmate Blueprint to Love – There is absolutely no reason to spend another year alone. If you want a man, you’ll get a man! The Man Plan workbook is your formula for Love success and includes the ascension plan you need to help you attract a man THIS year!
  • Quick Start Online Dating e-book – Tired of wasting time swiping right and getting nowhere? This quick read will tell you everything you need to know and do to attract the right kind of men quickly and easily!
  • Generator Strategy – Jaki’s very own secret strategy to getting more dates than you can handle! Just steal this template, plug in your own information and get ready for a very busy dating season!
  • Ready, Set, Go! – Your fail-proof online dating profiles. Two customizable profiles that convert to dates!
  • Scripted 1st Date Conversations - There is nothing worse than awkward silences on a first date. And now you don’t have to worry about them. This script is filled with responses to the toughest first-date questions so you can keep the ease and flow (and chemistry) going strong!
  • Second Date Solutions – Really liking a new guy? How to double your chances of a second date turning into a relationship.
  • The “How to be Irresistible” Audio File - The exact strategy Jaki used to attract her husband. This audio is about mastering the power of flirtation and feminine essence to become an unstoppable force of attraction!
  • Interview with Jaki’s Leading Man, Michael Sabourin! Finally, a quality man’s point of view! Michael will share his take on how YOU can get Get Men to Fall Into Your Lap!
  • What a Man Wants Audio collection – Insider Secrets to help you read a man’s mind! Jaki teams up to chat with 12 leading men including Dr. John Gray on love, dating and relationships.