The first video of three

"How to Take Your Power Back"

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"What Men Are Saying"

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I’ve posted hundreds of videos on my Engaged at Any Age YouYube Channel
and to date, hundreds of thousands of people have tuned in. It’s incredible!

And I noticed something I hadn’t before.

A lot of my comments were from MEN!

These comments were GOLD.

Because Men were literally telling us ladies EXACTLY what they wanted from us.

So, here’s what I did pulled the three most popular videos because they are home runs!

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"3 Ways to Emotionally Connect With Men" 

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Jaki Sabourin was recognized by her peers as the "Best Female Relationship Expert" and is a successful Executive Love Coach, Keynote Speaker, and CEO of Engaged at Any Age®, a Company that helps women Deliberately Date and Consciously Create the man of their dreams. Jaki is known for being the “man whisperer” due to her extraordinary success at teaching women to understand themselves first, which leads to connecting on a deeper level with a man who is ready to commit!  She is a Master Coach and her wit and no-nonsense attitude has led to hundreds of clients meeting their ideal match.  She married her own ideal match at the age of 50 after being single for 8 years. You can find her on her “YouTube” channel “Engaged at Any Age” on Facebook Facebook, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.