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If your Dating and Relationship Strategy is mainly just "guesswork"...

And if you want confidence that the steps you'll take will definitely show you how to find, and keep, the kind of love you desire – and DESERVE..

For a limited time, I want to give you access to my Inner Cirlce Program, and I want to gift you my best-selling course to Help You Become the Most Authentic and Attractive Version of You, the Version a Quality Man Can’t Resist! In the shortest time possible.

The same Proven Step by Step Strategy I typically reserve for my private clients, that are getting into exclusive, committed, heathy relationships every day!

Soulmate Journey teaches you a skill set you can learn without finding yourself in confusion and overwhelm.

This is the same system I've helped thousands of women find and keep the love of their life!

Essentially, you are about to fall in love with yourself first, which makes attracting your man inevitable!

It’s all here in Soulmate Journey…

  • 28 on-demand videos with dating and attraction tips you can start using immediately…
  •  Soul Discovery Worksheets and journal prompts to help you decide exactly what you want…
  • Portable Online Dating Profiles – 2 fill and launch profiles with two mini’s for apps
  • ​Emotional processing tools to unpack your baggage for good…
  • ​Love scripts you can use to know exactly what to say and when…

You are getting ALL my juiciest secrets and tips – over the course of six amazing modules.

Inside, I'll cut the fluff and ONLY give you my juiciest secrets and tips for:

  • Figuring out what you want in your relationship
  •  Finding the perfect man for you …
  • Dating in the 21st century (meeting online isn’t going anywhere! You MUST master it!)
  • ​Getting out of your own way
  • ​Realizing you don’t need a man to rescue you!

It even works if you have not dated in decades or haven’t had success in dating or relationships yet!

It works SO well, in fact, that recently we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move...

To share The Soulmate Journey Course as a gift when you join The Engaged at Any Age Inner Circle.

As A Member Of the Inner Circle,
You'll Be Able To...

  • Meet awesome, successful women just like you who share the same goal as you – to create their own lasting love story!
  • Join the Inner Circle because it’s your best chance to fulfill your mission and find a quality man. 
  • Get access to me and my team every week, receiving advice and feedback you need to move forward on your love journey.
  • ​Be reassured that what you’re doing is the right thing to succeed in finding your soulmate! 
  • ​Get support on your journey in self-discovery.
  • ​Get every soulmate attraction secret…
  • ​Every tool in my personal toolchest (and I do mean personal – these are the EXACT methods I used to attract and keep my husband!) 

And other insider tips that have made my clients successful in attracting love to their lives.

Of course, as Shakespeare once wrote, “the course of true love never did run smooth.”

In other words –

No matter how many tips and tricks and tools in your arsenal, there will still be bumps along the way!

Check Out These Real Results From Women Inside 
The Engaged at Any Age Inner Circle:

I’ve got a great guy now!“ I’ve learned from the coaching in the Inner Circle how to ask for what I want. My guy is really romantic and we’ve talked about our future. Thank you, Jaki and coaches for everything!” Edna February 2021

I’m engaged in under six months! I’m so grateful for the Inner Circle and soul sisters that supported me along the way. The program helped me change my mindset, which opened the floodgate of letting love in. I learned how to raise my self-worth. I just turned 39, and we want two children! I’m so lucky I found Jaki because now that’s possible for Brian and me!” February 2021
He said YESI want what you want, I want to be married!
“I did as you said, Jaki, not only is Freddy a good listener, but he’s a quick learner. So, I relaxed more and let myself enjoy. You taught me how to speak my truth so shared that I’m looking for a long-term relationship. His response was” I want what you want, I want to be married!” The support from the group and my Journey-mates is invaluable. I feel encouraged and uplifted!” January 2021

So, What Exactly Is Included In 
The Inner Circle?

First, Two Live Group Training Calls A Month

Receive answers to your most pressing questions twice a month via live training and coaching sessions. You can attend in real time or listen to the replays on your schedule!

These calls will answer any questions you might have about dating strategies, how to move through the course you’re taking, and even update you on any major changes with online dating apps (those platforms change so rapidly that if you’re not up to date, strategies you implement online one day could be obsolete by tomorrow!)

Second: You’ll receive access to me and my team from Monday – Friday to ask ANY question you want in our Private Facebook Group.

You don’t ever have to go it alone as part of the Inner Circle! In our private Facebook Group, we will ensure you get the continued support you need to succeed on your path to love.

All you need to do is ask, then sit back and let us help you. Interact in real time with my team and the women just like you who have been there. You haven’t received support like this before!

Third, You’re Also Getting Tickets to my Soulmate Journey Inner Circle Virtual Retreats!

These workshops are full of deep, heart centered training and discovery. You and your soul sisters will have fun while learning how to cultivate and unleash your feminine energy!

These workshops not only allow me to “meet” you, but we get things DONE. You’ll accomplish things that might take longer working on your own.

Monthly Access To Our World Class Course Library

As long as you remain inside the Inner Circle, you'll be able to unlock a new world-class training course every month (over 8+ to choose from, each valued at up to $1,997 USD!)

These cover the same Proven Step by Step Strategy I typically reserve for my private clients, that are getting into exclusive, committed, heathy relationships every day! Soulmate Journey teaches you a skill set you can learn without finding yourself in confusion and overwhelm. place graphic on left.

Join Our Community And Create Your Lasting Love Story
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Risk free, no lock-in contracts
  • Monthly Bonus Training
  • 2 x Monthly Live Q & A Calls with Jaki
  • Access to Private Facebook group 
  • With Coaches
  • Tickets to Workshop Events
  • Unlock 1x online Training Course/month
  • Submit questions for Live Calls

And the Fourth thing you get...

A Monthly Bonus Training – Valued at $297 - Every month a new training is created just for you to keep you on track. You can access these trainings in our state-of-the-art Portal where you’ll have ACCESS to all our Engaged at Any Age courses so you have everything you need in one place. 

Just a bit of value, right?! 

Check out these Results from the Women in the Inner Circle:

Tracy Barraza & Doug

 We are engaged AND we have our new house! 
" I made many mistakes along the way. Being widowed after 31 years the dating game has changed considerably. Having a dating coach..... Jaki is Priceless!!! We have Our new house! And, we are engaged! Okay, single ladies get that dating coach! It's worth the price and gold! "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - 2020

Victoria King 

 I’m engaged!
" I took your course last year and am now engaged after meeting my match with your help and guidance! "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - 2020

Brigit & Mike

Happily married within 6 months. 
"Thank you for your work Jaki. I suggest you to every single lady I know because your coaching helped me tremendously and I’m happily married within 6 months of finding my soulmate! "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -  2020

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